Stapp Tells All

Creed frontman Scott Stapp has written a tell-all memoir detailing his abusive childhood, suicide attempts, alcohol-fueled rampages and all the ugly moments in his life before and after the fame.

“Sinner’s Creed” is a collaboration between Stapp and Rolling Stone Magazine writer David Ritz. Ritz is accustomed to turning larger-than-life stories into the written word, including Janet Jackson’s memoir as well as the best seller “Divided Soul: The Life Of Marvin Gaye.”

Stapp promises the three building blocks of a revealing true-to-life best seller – sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. But aside from all the debauchery and high-living, “Sinner’s Creed” is also the story of a man dealing with his addictions coupled with an uncontrollable depression disorder. Now sober, Stapp credits his recovery to his renewed faith in God.

“The book describes my childhood, my internal battle with drugs and depression and how I lost control of my life,” Stapp said. “My memoir reveals never before released details about my life and the challenges I’ve faced before coming to grips and finding sobriety.”

Photo: Scott Legato /
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You’ll find “Sinner’s Creed” in stores and in e-book format Oct. 2. Click here for more information.