Fair Fights Adult Language

The Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls, S.D., will likely amend its entertainment contracts to include a provision forbidding profanity.

The consideration began after last year’s Ted Nugent performance at the grandstands when – wonder of wonders – the Nuge used potty language at the family-friendly fairgrounds. The amendment gained more traction after a recent performance where an opening act for Drowning Pool blurted out a bad word or two.

Fair Director Scott Wick told the Minnehaha County Commission Aug. 14 he now wants to prohibit the cuss words.
“This year we were working on it minutes after it happened,” he said, according to the Argus Leader. Wick said a representative of promoter Pepper Entertainment suggested the incident this year was a reaction to Wick’s request to keep it clean.

“They did it because I told them they couldn’t,” he said. And, when the words were spoken, “Both our eyes got this big.”
A commissioner asked if Wick could have shut down the performance and Wick said he considered it.