HotStar: Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer and manager Ben Singer were destined to meet.

The singer/songwriter – the first to reach the Hot AC Top 10 with his first two singles since John Mayer – was just another street performer in Santa Monica, Calif., as his future manager was moving from New York to Los Angeles, wondering if he’d ever have the success he’d hoped for when he entered the business.

Singer was convinced by a friend to see Grammer’s sidewalk performance and took a chance on him. Before long, Grammer was helping Singer build his business – literally.

“We found each other when we both needed to get to the next level,” Singer told Pollstar. “I was trying to talk myself out of managing somebody playing on the street. But the more I talked to him, I found he’s a great person and I wanted to work with him.

“He literally helped me strip the walls and the paint, patch holes in the ceiling; he literally, physically helped me build my office. Now with his career taking off the past two years, it’s been a game-changer for me.”

Grammer is enjoying something of a second wind on his debut album cycle, thanks to the release of a third single, “Miss Me,” that is impacting radio even faster than the first two. He’s getting second bookings on the late-night talk shows, including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and, after headlining a large club tour to kick off 2012, is currently hitting sheds with Train.

“He started the year selling out something like 28 of the 33 shows at places like House of Blues; 1,100-seat rooms,” Singer said, adding that Grammer will wrap up the Train tour in September before going on a college outing in October. Another headline outing in January and February is in the planning stages.

“A lot of credit for Andy’s success goes to his touring,” Singer said. “I really believe it’s the lesson he learned out there performing on the street that has made him so much more appreciative of the live show and getting the opportunity to play in front of crowds that are singing his lyrics and excited about seeing him perform.”