L.A. Scalper Crackdown

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has taken aim at high-volume scalpers in the region by seeking court approval for an injunction that could keep 17 sellers from congregating near major venues.

Trutanich’s complaint argues scalpers create a public nuisance, often intimidating passing citizens with aggressive tactics, straining law enforcement resources and darting in and out of vehicular traffic, increasing congestion during events.

He told the Los Angeles Times the filing was a matter of “consumer protection.”

“The days of taking advantage of unsuspecting people who are trying to have fun with the family is over,” he said.

But the complaint also notes that scalpers “personally act as magnets for theft, robbery and crimes of violence at the L.A. Sports/Entertainment venues. Areas with high levels of illegal ticket sales have disproportionately high levels of theft, robbery, crimes of violence and narcotics sales and use.”

Trutanich claims scalpers have also violated business codes by selling tickets above face value on the grounds of events, failing to obtain business licenses and failing to pay taxes on their sales.

Should the injunction receive court approval, the scalpers named in the filing would be barred from associating with other scalpers and being near Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, the Coliseum, and Staples Center and other L.A. Live venues.

Violators of the injunction could face fines of $2,500 per offense.