Four Days Without Rain

Frequency Festival organiser Harry Jenner is struggling to believe that this year the Austrian outdoor managed to get through four days without rain.

“We had the best festival weather you can imagine and it was our first festival in 10 years without a single drop of rain,” he said.

In 2009 the festival moved from the Grand Prix motor racing circuit at Salzburg, where it often had to cope with torrential rain.

In fact, the best way for people to escape the heat was to take a dip in the River Traisen, which borders the new site at St. Pölten, about a 40-minute drive from Vienna.

This year the festival became a four-dayer as Jenner put on four acts on the opening “arrival day,” followed by a full program on the three festival days.

All four days attracted a 40,000-capacity crowd, confirming the event’s position as Austria’s most popular festival.

The acts helping Frequency enjoy a very rare dry spell Aug. 15-18 included The Killers, Placebo, The Cure, Sportfreunde Stiller, Korn, The Black Keys, Wilco, The Hives, Lykke Li, The Cribs, and Ed Sheeran.