Keller Williams’ ‘End Of The World’ Party

Keller Williams isn’t taking any chances as far as the Mayan Calendar is concerned. He’s hosting “End Of The World” parties on Dec. 21 and 22 with the promise that he’ll refund your ticket money if the planet ceases to exist.

Photo: Jason Moore
Voodoo Experience, City Park, New Orleans, La.

That the world will end in some kind of apocalyptic meltdown four days before Christmas hails from one interpretation of the Mayan Calendar. While scholars have discounted the notion that we’ll all be so much cosmic dust come Dec. 22, Williams isn’t taking any chances and plans to send the human race off in style.

Or, at least make the end of days a little easier to swallow. Williams & Friends’ “End Of The World” parties are scheduled in Keystone, Colo., at the Warren Station Center For The Arts. Joining him for what just might be the last parties on earth will be The String Cheese Incident’s Keith Moseley, Bill Nershi and Kyle Hollingsworth along with The Motet’s Dave Watts plus other artists.

Assuming that we’ll still have a planet after Dec. 21, Williams has slotted a five-day end-of-the-year run to ring in the old and welcome the new. With each show featuring a solo set as well as his new R&B collaboration called “Keller Williams with More than a Little,” tour stops are Wilmington, N.C., at Brooklyn Performing Arts Center Dec. 27; Charlotte, N.C., at Neighborhood Theatre Dec. 28; Norfolk, Va., at the NorVa Dec. 29 and Richmond, Va., at The National Dec. 30.

Williams will play Nashville’s Marathon Music Works on New Year’s Eve and will be joined by the Del McCoury Band. Appearing with Williams on the four dates leading up to Nashville will be That 1 Guy.

Will the world as we know it come to an end in December? Heck, we don’t know. But we can all breathe easier knowing Williams will refund our ticket dollars if Planet Earth ceases to exist on Dec. 21. That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank. Or what’s left of one if the Mayan Calendar soothsayers are right.

Photo: John Davisson
"The Hangout Beach, Music And Arts Festival," Gulf Shores, Ala.

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