Barclays’ Detector Dilemma

The brand-new Barclays Center in Brooklyn has changed up its security policy after taking some heat over airport-style metal detectors used during a string of venue-opening shows.

While the use of metal detectors at concerts is old news, those who attended one of a number of Jay-Z dates as well as a Barbra Streisand show at the arena a week later observed one striking difference: patrons at Babs’ concert were wanded instead.

Some fans took to Twitter, including a concertgoer who wrote, “Streisand fans get wanded. No metal detector, as with Jay-Z attendees.”
The inconsistency left a bad taste in some peoples’ mouths, including Brooklyn Councilwoman Letitia James, who seized the opportunity to call out the arena for sending a “bad message.”
“There shouldn’t be a double standard; there should be one rule of law,” she told the New York Post. “If you have metal detectors for people coming to see Jay-Z, the same should apply for Barbra Streisand. It shouldn’t matter if you come by limousine, subway or your own two feet.”
However just a day later, Barclays Center officials explained airport-style detectors would no longer be used and denied there had ever been a racial motivation behind the differing policies.
“We utilized the first two weeks since the arena opened as an opportunity to test different security methods,” GM David Anderson told the paper. “After witnessing long lines during events in which we used walk-through magnetometers, we began to utilize hand-held magnetometers at the Barbra Streisand concert Thursday evening. 
“We found that this strategy allowed for quicker access into the arena, while maintaining safety and security.”
James appeared to approve.
“It should be one arena, one standard – safety,” she said. “I congratulate Barclays Center for realizing we are all one.”