Pitbull Wins
Against Australian Promoters

An Australian judge ruled Pitbull was “entitled” to cancel an Australian tour in December 2008 on two days notice.

Promoters DJ Suave (Jaime Fernandez) and DJ Don Juan (Juan Uribe) sued for breach of contract, and wanted more than $100,000 in damages. 

But the New South Wales Supreme Court found that they were at fault for delaying payment of the $60,000 fee for shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. 
After a $30,000 deposit, the balance reached Pitbull a day late. The Miami rapper maintained it was too late to leave the U.S. He kept the deposit. 
Justice Robert Beech-Jones ruled, “The departure date of 2 December 2008 was pivotal to Pitbull completing this tour. Once it came unstuck, Pitbull’s opportunity to undertake that tour was over.” 
The issue of costs will be dealt with shortly.