Rapper Fortafy
Convicted Of Assault

Aussie rapper Fortafy escaped jail time for an assault charge, but his conviction puts plans to tour the United States in jeopardy.  

The Brisbane District Court heard that the 25-year old (real name Samuel Ratumaitavuki) went to the home of rugby player Ben Te’o with another man last November to ask if he fathered Fortafy’s girlfriend’s baby. 

Two of Te’o’s brothers were assaulted. Ratumaitavuki was given an 18-month jail sentence, wholly suspended. The second man, James Kisina, brother of alleged Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, was jailed for three months. 
Lawyers for Fortafy, who is featured on NZ R&B singer Donell Lewis’s Top 10 NZ hit “Missing My Love,” pleaded with the court not to record a conviction as it could create visa problems in the United States where he wanted to tour.