WWE Seeks State Funds

World Wrestling Entertainment seeks aid from a Connecticut economic development program that gives millions in incentives to businesses that create jobs in the state.

In an application to the “Next Five” program filed last year, the WWE reportedly noted expansion plans that would include the hiring of 200 new employees. 

But the request isn’t sitting well with some that argue the WWE already received roughly $37 million in tax credits geared toward the film and TV industries and reached a $4.4 million tax settlement with the state over a corporate tax dispute earlier this year – all while laying off workers.
U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, who’s running for re-election against former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, was an outspoken critic of the news.
“This is just the latest example highlighting Republican wrestling CEO Linda McMahon’s pattern of cheating the system to benefit herself and billionaires like her,” the Murphy campaign told the Hartford Courant.
The McMahon campaign, however, countered by calling upset over the application a “non-issue” in a statement.
WWE is in the process of developing its own television network, the paper said.