Ruckus At Iglesias India Gig

Police in the Indian town of Hadapsar are carrying out an internal investigation into the actions of a group of law enforcement officers who scuffled with organizers at an Enrique Iglesias concert Oct. 17.

According to various media sources, the organizers claim the town’s assistant commissioner of police, V.T. Prawar, tried to bring “about 40 guests” into the concert without passes or wristbands. 

An argument ensued when security refused to let them in, and the group, made up of other police, “charged” the gate, injuring at least three people in the process and maybe as many as nine.  
At the time, Prawar said they rushed the gate because he saw some drunk people “attempting to enter through the platinum gate,” and that, in any event, the force used was “mild.” 
Some police sources say the matter has been exaggerated and the organizers of the concert “have some grudges against the police.” 
Though the organizers claim they sold only 8,000 tickets for the concert, police maintained there were 10,000 to 18,000 people at the show, which is why they needed to enter the venue. 
Their intention was to “enhance security to prevent chaos.”