Refused’s Final Reunion Show

Refused has booked the last stop on its 2012 reunion tour with a hometown gig in Sweden. The hardcore punk band promises the December show will feature “great music [and] good crude fun.” After all, as the guys say, “what more do you need?”

The reunion tour will end Dec. 15 in Umea, Sweden at the Gammliahallen. The show was announced with a post on Refused’s Facebook page, reflecting on the band’s history, starting with being weird teens in a band up through the breakup in 1998 and finally the 2012 reunion. 

“And then there was the year when you stopped being a petulent kid and you got your favorite musicians together in a room again and decided that you were gonna accept the love of thousands of listeners, accept the success that was waiting there to be had and just in general enjoy being appreciated for the exact same qualities that made you a freak to your contemporaries in your teens. This was one of the better years.

“And now it is coming to a close. It’s been kind to us. And that old punkrock golem “The shape of punk to come” has done good. The hatchet is buried, 1998 is not such a terrible memory for us anymore. We’re going home. And we’re doing it in style.”

Photo: Scott Legato /
Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, Mich.

Refused has booked a handful of additional shows in Sweden in early December with stops in Malmo Dec. 6, Goteborg Dec. 7 and Stockholm Dec. 8. On Saturday the band plays Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin Texas, followed by a Nov. 5 gig in Los Angeles and a quick trip to Australia Nov. 9-17.

The final reunion show will include performances from Randy (described by Refused as “a band of punkrock bandidos from the north”), Two White Horses (“an excellent sister/brother-duo from Sävar”) and Råd Kjetil Senza Testa (“a new and exciting musical collective consisting of old Umeå pop and hardcore scenesters”).

Tickets are on sale now.

For more information click here for Refused’s Facebook page.