Cat Power Going To Europe After All

The tour will go on! After tweeting earlier this week that her European trek might be canceled because of bankruptcy and health issues with angioedema, Cat Power now says that she’s come up with a solution and the November/December dates are good to go.

Both of the announcements were made via captions to photos on the singer’s Instagram account and then posted to her Twitter page.

The initial Oct. 30 Instagram said, “I have not thrown in any towel. I am trying to figure out what best I can do. Heart broken. Worked so hard.”

She added that she had gotten sick the day after her most recent album, Sun, came out in September and has “been struggling to keep all points of me in equilibrium: mind, spirit, body healthy centered & grounded. … I refuse to give up. Though I may need to restratagize for my security & health.”

Three weeks before that Cat Power told fans she had received treatment in Mexico and had been suffering from angioedema in her throat, which WebMD says “can block the airways, causing difficulty breathing” and “may become life threatening.”

In September her label, Matador Records, confirmed she had been hospitalized in Miami for an undisclosed medical label. 

Photo: James Hendershot
Lilith Fair, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, Md.

But all of those setbacks aren’t going to stop Cat Power from touring Europe in support of Sun. She posted an Instagram Thursday of a photo of a stage featuring a giant image of a gorilla projected behind the band.

“European tour is on,” the caption said. “Without stage presentation. Hard money wasted. #goodbye #gorilla”

Cat Power, whose real name is Chan Marshall, added another Instagram a few hours later addressing her struggle with angioedema.

“My angioedema is from low immune & is caused by stress. All I wanna do is sing my damn songs & give my best to the fans that love me. Not having funds to have my stupid light show for fans has put me in a corner. But I was born in a corner….. Refuse to lose.” 

Tonight Cat Power plays Vancouver at The Vogue Theatre, followed by shows this weekend in Seattle and Portland, Ore., and California shows next week in Oakland and Hollywood. A gig in Philadelphia that was postponed because of Hurricane Sandy has been rescheduled for Jan. 30.

The European tour begins Nov. 26 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dates are scheduled through Dec. 14 in Brussels, Belgium.

Click here for Cat Power’s website and here for her Twitter page.