CeeLo Responds To Assault Accusations

CeeLo Green has put out a statement to dispute accusations from a woman claiming he sexually assaulted her this summer following a date at a Los Angeles restaurant. The singer and “The Voice” judge says the “allegations are despicable, untrue and deeply hurtful.”

TMZ reported last week that a woman filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department about the alleged incident, which supposedly took place in July. 

The woman claims that she and CeeLo went to a popular L.A. sushi restaurant for a drink – and the next thing she remembers after that is “lying naked in a bed and CeeLo was in the room.”

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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Fairgrounds Racecourse, New Orleans, La.

According to the gossip site’s unidentified sources, after the alleged assault was reported to the woman’s local law enforcement agency and referred to the LAPD, the woman was asked to make a “pretext call” to CeeLo to obtain information for the case.

The phone call that was recorded between CeeLo and the woman reportedly includes the singer “repeatedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy) – though he does not specifically say he put it in her drink.” A source claims the singer said “he thought the drug would help them have an exciting time together.”

A spokesman for CeeLo issued the following statement Nov. 9 in response to the allegations:

“Given that the matter is under investigation, we obviously cannot speak as freely as we’d like. What we can say is that these allegations are despicable, untrue, and deeply hurtful to CeeLo, his children, and his family. We are confident that when all the facts come out, it will be clear that if anyone was victimized here, it was CeeLo. In the meantime, CeeLo is deeply grateful for the overwhelming support he has received from his fans, his friends, and his colleagues.”

Earlier this week TMZ updated the story with information from unidentified sources. The woman and CeeLo allegedly met in February and had dated on and off since then. Sources claimed “the woman sometimes asked CeeLo to buy her expensive things” and that on the night of the alleged incident, both took Ecstasy and “no one was unconscious.”