Heatwave Liquidators Chase D12

Liquidators of the Heatwave Festival applied to Adelaide Magistrates Court for permission to sue Detroit hip-hop group D12 for return of a  $35,000 advance.

D12 was to headline four Heatwave shows in January but was a no-show after missing its flight from the United States. 

Martin Lewis and Tim Mableson told the court, “(We) are entitled to a refund of the total monies paid.” The court will announce its decision mid-December. 
First-time promoters Patrick Whyntie and Olivier Lokolomba had to cancel a show in Perth, were scolded by the Office of Fair Trading for continuing to advertise D12 at later shows, and were declared insolvent in February. 
Before that, Whyntie went on the radio to say Lokolomba disappeared on the way to two banks to deposit $30,000 in cash.