Jackson Assistant Sues AEG

The former personal assistant to Michael Jackson has taken aim at AEG in a new class action lawsuit that claims the company deprived Jackson’s employees of more than $7 million in pay.

According to court documents, Michael Amir Williams claims the singer “bargained for the addition of [the class action plaintiffs] to help Michael Jackson give the ‘first class performance’ as required by Contract,” the suit says.

“The express terms of the Contract allowed for class to be paid by AEG up to $7.5 million and any amount over $7.5 million to be paid for by Michael Jackson.”
And because AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician who was eventually found guilty of administering a fatal dose of Propofol that led to the singer’s death, Williams’ suit alleges the company is also responsible for settling up with Jackson’s employees. 
“AEG used Conrad Murray as a tool to further its business purposes and abused the sole discretion given to AEG under (the) contract,” the suit adds. 
The company failed to examine the doctor’s qualifications and experience and instead focused on making certain Jackson could “meet all deadlines and timetables AEG set in place.”
An attorney for AEG told CNN the suit is “clearly frivolous,” as Williams has no legal standing to sue.
“It is truly unfortunate that so many see Mr. Jackson’s demise as an opportunity to grab as much for themselves as possible,” attorney Marvin Putnam said. “This is just the latest wrongful death lawsuit with someone hoping to profit from Michael Jackson’s tragic death in the same way they profited from his tragic life.”
The judge in the case, which will be heard in Los Angeles Superior Court, must decide if Williams’ suit will receive class-action status, according to CNN.
This isn’t the only court action AEG faces over Jackson’s death. The company is also in the midst of a wrongful death suit filed against it by Katherine Jackson.