Oh, Yoko! Ono’s Fashion Line Gropes For Lennon

You remember that Beatles classic “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”? Turns out Yoko Ono had other things in mind.

Ono’s new menswear collection inspired by John Lennon includes pants with large handprints on the crotch, tank tops with nipple cutouts and even a flashing LED bra.

Photo: Courtesy Of Opening Ceremony
Click to see the full look. This black mesh cutout shirt will set you back $145. The trousers are priced at $335.

The collection of menswear for Opening Ceremony is based on a series of drawings she sketched as a gift for Lennon for their wedding day in 1969. Ono said the illustrations were designs for clothing and accessories to celebrate Lennon’s “hot bod.”

Also in the collection are a “butt hoodie” with an outline suggesting its name, pants with cutouts at the behind, a jock strap with an LED light, open-toed boots and a transparent chest plaque with bells and a leather neck strap.