Suns Promise Fun

They aren’t exactly saying “for a good time call the Phoenix Suns,” but the NBA team is promising fans some satisfaction Dec. 6 when it plays the Dallas Mavericks at U.S. Airways Center.

In the league’s first-ever “Satisfaction Guarantee Night,” the Suns promise fans  will have fun, or get their money back.  And that will be no small feat, considering neither the Suns nor Mavs are exactly burning up the courts. Both teams sport losing records at press time in the early basketball season.

But according to Suns president Jason Rowley, the idea came after an overtime loss to the Chicago Bulls Nov. 14.

“After that game, I think we were all struck by the fact that so many people were leaving our building with a smile on their face,” he told ESPN. “Normally, when a team loses fans are down.  But not with us. And that was an eye-opening moment.”

The Suns aren’t doing anything special in connection with the promotion. Team execs are taking a gamble that fans will agree pro basketball is fun, win or lose. So all fans have to do is fill out an online form and send it back with a ticket stub if they have a lousy time.

“We know there’s a risk to this,” Rowley told ESPN. “But all we’re doing is standing behind my product. … We haven’t set any specific goals other than trying to use this to build long-term brand affinity.

“If we can sell 50 people on buying single-game tickets to a couple games this season or sell those people on buying some game plans, we’ll be happy.”

The Suns are reportedly on pace for their worst attendance since 1992, averaging 15,063 per game.