Yankees Drop StubHub

The New York Yankees are cutting ties with StubHub.

The baseball team’s relationship with the secondary ticketing company soured in recent times, and they’ve opted instead to sign a deal with Ticketmaster.

The Yanks apparently weren’t so happy that on game days, seats still available on the team’s official site for around $15 could be purchased through StubHub for as little as $3. It also didn’t help that StubHub had its own link on the Yankees’ website.

Sources reportedly close to the matter told the New York Post the TM agreement will likely include price floors for tickets and stop resales before game time.

The Yankees can’t ban fans from using StubHub, however.

While the team is striking out on its own with the TM deal, Major League Baseball has inked a new five-year agreement with StubHub that extends its existing contract with the company.

Fans will still be able to use StubHub to buy or resell tickets, but they won’t be able to print Yankee tickets at home, the Post said, meaning sellers will have to send them in the mail or meet the buyers in person.

Two other major-market teams, the Los Angeles Angels and Chicago Cubs, also decided to not renew with StubHub.