Allocco Sues Nas

Promoter Patrick Allocco has sued Nas for $10 million because of a canceled New Year’s Eve gig that resulted in Allocco being held against his will in the African country of Angola.

Allocco of AllGood Entertainment was hired by an Angolan promoter to recruit Nas for two Dec. 31, 2011, performances at $300,000. Nas did not arrive, claiming Allocco failed to arrange for basic necessities like a travel visa and return tickets. The rapper instead performed at a party hosted by NBA star LeBron James.

Angolan authorities held Allocco and his son in custody until the money was repaid, according to the lawsuit. At the time, when contacted by Pollstar, Allocco said he and his son were under house arrest at a hotel but the government allowed them to travel into the capital city of Luanda to get medicine for his son.

The suit, filed in Manhattan Federal Court, claims Allocco was detained for 50 days. Nas and opening act Jeremiah Jae,  who was paid $15,000, eventually returned the money but Allocco claims his life has been financially ruined in the meantime.

“My son and I have had a very challenging year and we’re looking forward to putting this chapter behind us and, in the meantime, try to address the financial issues that have arisen because of the events that transpired down in Angola,” Allocco told Pollstar.

Allocco also disputes Nas’ claim that the performer did not receive a travel visa or proper flight accommodations.

“If that truly were the case, then why would it have taken more than 30 days for him to return the money when you have American lives at stake down in Angola?” Allocco said. “Let’s say his flights were screwed up, which they weren’t. But if they had these issues, the government of Angola gave them the opportunity to remedy them in a two-day period and still come down and show up under protection of the U.S. embassy and the government of Angola. He chose to ignore the entire situation and really put us at risk by trying to negotiate how much money he was going to return.”

Allocco said the advance money was returned “only after pressure by the U.S. government and the press, and thousands of people writing” to Nas.

“Don’t forget we put this concert together in a two-week period so some issues naturally arose but nothing that couldn’t be remedied very quickly.”