Pollstar’s Year End Tours – Who Did You See?

Sure, it’s fun looking at Pollstar’s Top 50 Worldwide Tours chart, if only to see who made the big bucks in 2012. However, the chart wouldn’t be complete without an unscientific opt-in poll to share with your friends.

Photo: Invision / AP
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Penn.

Not all concerts are created equal. Tickets for the chart’s No. 1 artist, Madonna, cost approximately $50 more than Bruce Springsteen who placed second.

Yet, the ticket price for Springsteen and his E Street cohorts wasn’t the lowest among the chart’s top 10 performers. On average, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay and the Kenny Chesney / Tim McGraw tour managed to keep prices a few dollars lower than The Boss.

Photo: Jason Squires / JasonSquires.com
Sprint Center, Kansas City, Mo.

Below we’ve listed the ten top-grossing artists per our Top 50 Worldwide Tours chart. Click here for the numbers. Our question for you is: which of these artists, if any, did you see in 2012?

Of course, this poll is totally unscientific and the final tally won’t affect anything other than our own internal wagering ongoing research.

Oh, and if you feel a need to tell the world about the best concert in 2012, click here.