One thing is for certain – the Academy Of Country Music knows how to stoke the ol’ publicity furnace. To stir up a buzz about this year’s awards, the ACM has just launched its “Tweet To Unlock” campaign, inviting music fans to tweet like they’ve never tweeted before. If and when the total amount of tweets reaches the established goal of 25,000, the Academy will announce when the awards show will take place and who will join Shelton in hosting Country Music’s “Party Of The Year.”

Meanwhile, Shelton has cut a tongue-in-cheek video describing the ACM’s search for a cohost as “setting the bar lower,” if only because they weren’t going to find someone approaching the stardom that previous longtime host Reba McEntire possessed.

“So we set the bar down just a little bit lower,” the straight-faced Shelton said. “We decided maybe if we could find somebody that, you know, is good looking … and we fell short on that goal. So we started over, set the bar a little bit lower and finally thought, ‘Man, you know, if we can just get somebody that can read … This is Country Music and that’s narrowing the field down.”

As to his mystery cohost, Shelton describes the artist as a “fan favorite” whose own popularity is “creeping up to my territory.”

“I’m hoping to use this opportunity as cohosting with this person, to completely disrupt and derail this person’s career,” Shelton said. “It’s desperate times and I had to take what I can get.”

So far, the majority of fans posting comments at ACM’s website think Shelton will share the ACM stage with his wife Miranda Lambert while some are guessing the mystery cohost will be Eric Church, Taylor Swift or Luke Bryan. Check it out at