Elton’s Upcoming Global Performance

Performing at a private gig later this month, Elton John’s tickling of the ivories will be reproduced in real time on pianos all over the world, giving fans the chance to experience his playing without actually being in the same room with him.

Photo: Duncan Barnes
Perth Arena, Perth, Australia

While performing for Yamaha instrument dealers as part of the company’s 125th anniversary concert Jan. 25 at Disneyland’s Hyperion Theater in Anaheim, Calif., Elton will play a Yamaha Disklavier, which among its many features can store data, enabling it to replay music.

Backed by a 70-piece orchestra and using Yamaha’s DisklavierTV powered by RemoteLive technology, Elton’s playing will be simultaneously streamed over the Internet to remote Disklaviers stationed all over the world.  The end result is fans at these locations will experience Elton’s piano prowess as he plays, with each individual note and chord reproduced on the Disklaviers.

Another way of looking at this is that Elton will be playing the individual Disklaviers positioned throughout the world by remote control.  Plus, fans will see and hear the orchestra backing Elton in Anaheim playing in-sync with the Disklaviers at the remote location.

The upcoming performance represents the latest milestone in Elton’s relationship with Yamaha.  The company has built all of his touring pianos for the past 20 years as well as having constructed the Million Dollar Piano used for his Colosseum At Caesars Palace shows in Las Vegas.

“Elton John is one of the most successful and influential music makers of our time, and Yamaha is thrilled to bring him to a global audience in this history making manner,” Yamaha Entertainment Group Of America VP Chris Gero said.  “This exciting event will also demonstrate how Yamaha DisklavierTV is forever changing the way in which a live piano concert can be enjoyed in real time around the world.”

Expect remote locations to be announced shortly.  Although the concert in Anaheim is a private, event, EltonJohn.com is running a contest that will give three winners pairs of tickets to see Elton at the Hyperion.  Click here for more information.