Happy Birthday, Yoko!

The musician/artist/peace activist is turning 80 years old next month. To mark the occasion, Yoko Ono is getting the festivities off to a rocking start with a performance by the Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band, led by Sean Lennon.

Yoko and Sean previously worked together on a number of albums including the 2009 Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band LP, Between My Head and the Sky. The mother and son, who formed a group called “Artists Against Fracking,” made news earlier this month for touring natural-gas drilling sites in Pennsylvania.

The Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band’s next live show is Feb. 17, the night before Yoko’s birthday, in Berlin at Volksbühne.

Photo: Debbie VanStory / RockinExposures.com
"Yoko Ono: We Are Plastic Ono Band" concert, Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles, Calif.

Germany is also the first place to catch Yoko’s retrospective, “Half-A-Wind Show,” which opens Feb. 15. It will later tour museums in Denmark, Austria and Spain in 2013 and 2014.   

What else does Yoko have planned for 2013? She’s reissuing her albums from 1968-1985, putting out a career-spanning art book and curating London’s Meltdown Festival in June.

Just for fun, here are a few tidbits from Yoko’s 2009 list of “25 Things Even My Best Friends Didn’t Know Until Now.”

4. I have rather short legs to match my short height. I love that. The fact that they’re short makes them easier to go around with. Can you imagine if I had long legs? They might go in different directions from each other, or something. Then what would I do? Short legs work very well for me.

14. My head was unusually large for my small bod. So John called me a ‘Martian.’

15. I look at the sky and feel like my home is somewhere far away – so I thought I might really be a Martian – a result of cross-breeding thousands of years ago.

21. When I daydream, I go all the way to the end of the Earth, and come back. It’s a nice exercise.

To check out the complete list visit Yoko’s website at ImaginePeace.com.