Hollywood Club Crowding Charges

The owners of a Hollywood hot spot have been charged with violating fire codes and allowing overcrowding.

The allegations come in the wake of the Jan. 27 Brazil nightclub fire caused by pyro that killed more than 230 people.
The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office said Feb. 1 the charges against Supperclub Los Angeles’s owners are the result of more than one violation, according to KABC-TV.  

The fire department shut down the trendy club in June for allegedly allowing more than 1,000 people inside the 533-capacity room.

The complaint also alleges the fire department ordered the owners to cease using illegal fireworks and allowing trapeze artists to perform above the crowd, but owners didn’t comply, KABC-TV said.

The charges also described flammable bedding being used for seating and at times blocked exits.

Supperclub co-owner Jerry Garcia disputes the City Attorney’s accusations, saying the venue is up to code and patron safety is always a priority.

“We pride ourselves in providing extraordinary customer service in a safe environment to our patrons,” Garcia said in a statement. “Mr. Garcia would like to acknowledge that the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Department have been working with management in making sure nothing  like the tragedy in Brazil ever happens in our establishment, let alone in Hollywood.”

The club has no concerts on its calendar.