Emo’s Sold To C3

The Austin, Texas, institution that is Emo’s has a new owner in C3 Presents.

The 1,700-capacity club, which opened its doors in 1992, was sold by original owner Emo Hartman to Frank Hendrix in 2000.

And when Hendrix started considering a sale of the business in recent times, his thoughts gravitated toward C3, which did 45 shows in the venue last year.

“It made sense for C3 to have it,” Hendrix told the Austin Chronicle, adding that, because he plans to relocate another of his clubs – Antone’s – next door to Emo’s, “hopefully, we’re joined by the hip from now on as well as being neighbors.”

C3 has apparently had a hand in booking both venues and that relationship will continue with the sale. The transaction did not include the building, the Chronicle reported. The club’s lease runs for another decade.

“Emo’s is one of the most famous rock clubs in the United States, period,” C3’s Charles Attal told the paper. “They’ve spent years developing the brand. It’s morphed a little bit with the new building and they do a few more mainstream shows over there, but anyone that’s been in the music scene anywhere in the country knows of Emo’s. That’s important.”