Belgrade’s Still Calling

Although many in Serbia questioned whether the first Belgrade Calling festival was a success, Macedonian promoter Avalon is planning to stage a second edition May 27.

It appears to be a less ambitious event than the inaugural festival, having cut down from four days to one, although Avalon chief Boban Miloseski was quick to rubbish reports that the original Belgrade Calling dropped euro 750,000 (then $925,000).

Miloseski also said the rumours concerning the money lost and poor attendance may have come from competitors who have their own agenda but admitted to “budget guesswork from the moment the festival was announced.”

Avalon claimed the attendance figures for the first three days of last year’s event June 27-30, which had Jessie J, Ozzy Osbourne & Friends and Faith No More, were 10,000, 14,000 and 12,000. Other Serbian music business sources say it was closer to half of that.

The fourth day was free-entry and Avalon says there was a crowd of 9,000 for a lineup of mostly Balkan acts.
This year’s one-dayer at Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park has so far confirmed Green Day.