Odds & Ends: Jackie DeShannon, One Direction and Patrick Carney

Jackie DeShannon to receive Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame honor, Black Keys’ Patrick Carney impersonates Justin Bieber on Twitter and One Direction’s latest merch is as loud as it is oral.

Photo: Anna C. Jones
BJCC Arena, Birmingham, Ala.

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney shook up the Bieberverse last week with his remarks about Justin Bieber.  Asked to comment on the Bieb’s lack of Grammy nominations, Carney responded with a remark that some, well, maybe most Bieber fans, took as a direct insult to the Canadian teen.

“He’s rich, right?  Grammys are for music, not for money,” Carney told the reporter, according to The Tennessean.  “He’s making a lot of money. He should be happy, I guess.”

Of course, Bieber’s minions didn’t take too kindly to Carney’s remarks.  They dissed him on social media, sent him insulting emails and basically tried to make his life hell.

However, instead of shying away from the global onslaught, Carney kicked it up a notch by changing his own Twitter handle to “Justin Bieber.”  Along with the name change, he changed his photo to one of Bieber wearing glasses similar to the drummer’s own spectacles.  Then he ventured forth into Twitter Land.

“It’s me Justin,” Carney tweeted behind his Justin Bieber disguise.  “I am now him too.  We are one.”

The Black Keys member used the alias to re-tweet some of the anger that had come his way since his initial remarks about the teen star, but not before he added his own comments to the missives, reports Uproxx.com.

Bieber’s fans – who didn’t necessarily care for his remarks about the singer having plenty of money but no Grammy noms – were more than a little upset when the drummer appropriating their hero’s name.  Not only did they slam Carney but they also called him a pedophile, hurled several not-so-nice words regarding his sexual identity and, in some cases, hoped he suffered a violent death.

Meanwhile, Carney seems to be taking it all in stride.

“Only thing I remember from being Bieber is that I was really thirsty the whole time,” Carney tweeted on Sunday.

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Austin City Limits Music Festival, Zilker Park, Austin, TX

Considered to be one of the first major female singer/songwriters of rock ’n’ roll, Jackie DeShannon will receive the Governor’s Award For Lifetime Achievement at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s 2013 induction ceremony.

Taking place April 12 at the Lexington Center Bluegrass Ballroom in Lexington, the evening will feature The Kentucky Headhunters, Exile, Skeeter Davis, The Hilltoppers, Old Joe Clark, Emory & Linda Martin and Steven Curtis Chapman being inducted into the Hall.

But the night may very well belong DeShannon.  Born in Hazel, Ky., her songs and recordings have covered several genres, including R&B, country, gospel, jazz, reggae, rock and folk.  DeShannon also has two 1960s mega-hits to her credit, the Burt Bacharach/Hal David composition “What The World Needs Now Is Love” and her own “Put A Little Love In Your Heart.”

“I am deeply thrilled and honored to be recognized by the Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame,” DeShannon said.  “It’s been a wonderful journey from my childhood in Hazel and I’ve always kept a piece of Kentucky in my songs as well as in my heart.”

Because there never can be too many ways to exploit a chart-topping boy band, Arm & Hammer has come out with a One Direction toothbrush that plays the group’s songs while you’re brushing your molars.

According to CNET, the battery-powered $9.99 Spinbrush plays music in your mouth by sending vibrations straight to the teeth, thus turning your uppers and lowers into some kind of oral sound system.

Or, as Arm & Hammer said in its press release, “It’s like a private One Direction concert in their their mouth!”

Feel free to make your own jokes here.