Shooting Shutters Knitting Factory

The Knitting Factory in Spokane, Wash., has been shut down after two shootings Feb. 18 that police believe are related.

The 1,500-capacity venue was apparently hosting “DJ Freaky Fred’s Birthday” with a 9 p.m. door time Feb. 17. The first shooting took place near the premises at 2 a.m., with two people injured at a private party. The second took place approximately an hour later at what police believe to be an after-party.

Four people were shot, and all are expected to recover from their injuries.

Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub reportedly said at a press conference the situation would not be tolerated and ordered the club shut down. He added “they were less than pleased” with the decision. Police have apparently responded to four shootings at the venue in the past year.

The Knitting Factory has 20 days to appeal the decision.

Police believe the shootings are gang-related and expect to have suspects in custody, they said. Two people fled the first scene when police arrived, according to a statement. Police were still checking the area when they heard shots fired from the front of the building, and officers observed two vehicles speeding away, one driving the wrong way through traffic, police said.

The vehicles were stopped and, while dealing with the cars, several fights apparently broke out. Police recovered bullet casings. The occupants of the cars were identified but not considered suspects at press time.

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A statement from the Knitting Factory is forthcoming, according to the company.