Four Killed In Thailand Bombing

A grenade exploded at a concert in Mahasakham Province, Thailand, on Feb. 25, according to various local media reports.

Four people were killed in the blast, including two policemen and two civilians, one a child, and injured at least 50 others.

The concert was part of a religious festival and when the grenade went off the contemporary percussion group Ponglang Sa-orn was performing. Several members of the group’s crew were injured in the blast, as well as one musician.

According to the reports, police noticed a man carrying a “suspicious object” run out of a crowd of people during the musical performance. When they approached the man they saw that the object was a grenade with the safety pin removed. The man dropped the grenade and it exploded.

Though no motive has been specified the area has been the setting for a dispute between rival gangs. Such violence has been on in the increase in Thailand, and some have called for extra security during concerts and other public events.

The video is kind of graphic.