Peter Murphy Arrested: Hit-And-Run, DUI, Drug Possession

With just about a month to go before Peter Murphy kicks off his “Mr. Moonlight Tour” in the U.S., the British rocker has gotten himself into trouble on this side of the Atlantic. The story begins with an alleged hit-and-run in Glendale, Calif., that left the other driver injured.

The Glendale News-Press reports that the Bauhaus frontman was arrested Saturday “on suspicion of causing injuries while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, felony hit-and-run and possessing methamphetamine.”

After Murphy’s Subaru Forester allegedly rear-ended a Mercedes in a Glendale intersection late Saturday morning, he is accused of fleeing the scene to Los Angeles via the Ventura (134) Freeway.

Photo: Doug Seymour
Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, Pa.

An eyewitness in a pickup truck reportedly helped detain the 55-year-old musician until the police arrived by following him to Los Angeles, pulling in front of him and blocking his car. According to Glendale News-Press, the Glendale police said the eyewitness tracked down the rocker because “he was afraid [Murphy] would kill someone with his driving.”

Murphy, who was detained in a Los Angeles patrol car until Glendale police arrived, is accused of trying to discard a small plastic bag, possibly of methamphetamine, inside the vehicle. The musician denied the bag was his, in addition to denying that he had consumed alcohol that day.

The newspaper noted that officers described Murphy as “very confused,” explaining he had problems recalling the day and time. Murphy reportedly said he was jet-lagged from a recent flight and had only taken his regular prescription pills for depression.   

Because officers were concerned he could be a flight risk, his bail was set at $500,000. As of Monday’s report from the Glendale News-Press, Murphy remained in custody.