Top Notch Crotch Watch

Bieber and Wahlberg are just a few, who seemingly can’t keep their hands off of their jewels.  Oh opt-in poll after the jump, why do singers touch their junk?  Is it to shock?  Is it to rock?  Is it just a bunch of schlock? So if you have the time to spare, pick who best grabs his own hardware.

Photo: Matthias Schrader/AP
Performing on stage during the "I Believe Tour " in Munich, southern Germany.

That a singer might, from time to time, grab at his nether regions isn’t anything new.  Back in the day when New Kids On The Block were newly established arena headliners, Donnie Wahlberg’s hands traveling south of his beltline was a common site at the group’s concerts, and an often-commented upon action in local reviews.

But Wahlberg’s crotch-grabbing was strictly small time compared to Michael Jackson’s hand jive.  Like everything Jackson did, the premiere of his music video for his song “Black & White” was a media spectacular and aired nationwide Nov. 14, 1991 on MTV, VH1, BET and Fox.

The video’s advance press highlighted cameo appearances by George Wendt and Macaulay Culkin.  Both actors were enjoying mainstream success at the time, what with Wendt portraying the lovable barfly Norm on “Cheers” and Culkin still enjoying his “Home Alone” fame.

But it was the video’s last few minutes where Jackson danced, smashed windows and grabbed his crotch that spurred a controversy and resulted in the film being re-edited for family consumption.

Of course, Jackson’s crotch-grabbing wasn’t limited to the “Black & White” video.

Justin Bieber is today’s high-profile crotch grabber. While The Bieb performs several dance routines during his concerts, one cannot help but notice that his hands are extremely busy.

Which brings us to our poll.  Which of the three singers is the Sultan Of Seize, the Prince of the Probe, the Caliph of Clutch?  Please take the time and select your favorite stroking singer in the poll below.  And please, no wagering.