Scholz Defamation Suit Dismissed

A Massachusetts judge dismissed a 2010 defamation lawsuit filed by Boston’s Tom Scholz against the Boston Herald and two of its gossip columnists.

Scholz sued the Herald and “Inside Track” writers Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa for allegedly implying Scholz had something to do with Boston frontman Brad Delp’s 2007 suicide in a series of articles published after Delp’s death.

The judge dismissed the case March 27, on the grounds the columns are covered by the First Amendment.
Scholz’s legal rep said his client disagrees and may appeal.

Meanwhile, Scholz is being sued over songs he’s written for Boston by music publisher Paul Ahern, according to Bloomberg.

Ahern claims he hired Scholz to write songs including “More Than A Feeling” and “Don’t Look Back” for the band, and the copyrights to the songs were assigned to Ahern under a 1975 agreement.

Scholz filed notice March 13 in U.S. District Court in New York of his intent to reclaim those rights, scheduled to end in 2015, from Ahern.