Rio Stadium Roof
Prompts Closure

A six-year old stadium in Rio De Janeiro that was to host events during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games has been closed because of structural issues.

João Havelange stadium has been the city’s main soccer venue in recent times, but newly discovered problems with its roof led Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes to call for the closure, BBC News reported.

“I asked if this represented a risk for spectators and they told me it did, depending on the wind speed and temperature,” Paes said during a press conference. “On that basis, I immediately decided to close the stadium until we had more details.”

As to when, and if, the venue will reopen, Paes added that “if it takes a month, then it will stay closed for a month. If it takes a year, it will stay closed for a year.”

Rio’s nearly 63-year-old Maracana stadium is also currently closed for renovations in the leadup to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Officials told the BBC they expect the venues will be ready in time for the Olympics.