The Toledo Incident

One thing’s for sure – something happened in Toledo, Ohio, Saturday. It involves Every Time I Die and a music festival and apparently a fight. But it may or may not have involved a gunshot.

The band was one of the headliners at the Jamboree Music Festival, featuring nearly 50 bands over two days at the 1,750-capacity Headliners music venue. The show was stopped early, according to most accounts, including the band’s. But that’s where stories diverge.

The story on the music blog on the San Francisco Examiner was titled “Day One of The Jamboree Music Festival Ends With A Bang Literally.” It suggested that “according to the grapevine” that a member of the security staff shot off a gun in the venue in a desperate attempt to break up a fight, following a path of logic set forth from a fan’s Twitter message.

The fan’s comment was in response to a tweet from Every Time I Die.

Venue GM Jamie Deen told Pollstar that he was not at the show, but when he arrived later that evening the promoter and venue staff told him there was a fight. He said he learned of a story going around involving a gun, but it was just that – a story.

To that matter, Jamboree did not address the matter on its webpage, and the Toledo Blade has yet to report on a gun incident. The police did not receive any reports of a gunshot and were not dispatched to the venue, according to the Examiner. Meanwhile, some fans have posted the following on the band’s Facebook page:

“I’ve waited 10 years to see you guys…. It finally came to be and was fucking ruined by some piece of shit with an ego! I rocked out harder for 20 minutes than I have in 10 years, so I thank you. Wish I could’ve seen the whole set. Love you guys forever! I’ve got a bad case of the world.”


“I’d like to extend a personal apology to the members of Every Time I Die for the untimely end of their set tonight. Though only half, it was worth waiting all day to see. As for the idiot who pulled a gun out to ruin everything, I hope you rot in hell.”

Representatives for Every Time I Die did not respond to Pollstar’s inquiries at press time. However, ETID did appear to back off from knowing the situation: