Paul Shurey Dies

Tribal Gathering / Final Frontier founder Paul Shurey has died in hospital in Goa, India, although there’s been some confusion over the cause of the injuries that killed him.

First reports suggested he was injured in a motorcycle accident, then it was said he was likely the victim of a hit-and-run driver, before the official police report said he’d slipped over in a courtyard with a muddy cobblestones surface.

Shurey appeared to have recovered from the original accident, only to fall again on his return visit to hospital.

Up to his death on April 26, his family and friends were trying to raise money to get him flown back to the UK, claiming that his insurance company was “dragging its heels” over paying out.

Shurey’s body has been flown back to the UK with the plan of having the funeral service at Yeovil crematorium.