Live Nation Doubles Impact

Live Nation promoter Steve Todd is pleased his decision to make Poland’s Impact Festival a two-day event paid off.

Last year 45,000 turned up to Warsaw’s Bemowo Airport for a one-day festival that had Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kasabian,  while this year’s two-day crowd exceeded 50,000.

“Last year we probably had a stronger lineup but I’m happy because this year we’ve sold more tickets,” Todd explained, saying the length of next year’s event will depend on what acts are available.

Apart from using the former military airfield for Impact, Todd also used the site for the 2012 edition of Sonisphere.

This year Impact’s June 4-5 billing included RammsteinSlayerKornBehemothMastodonGhost BCLove and DeathThirty Seconds To MarsParamore, and Stereophonics.