Tyler, The Creator Under Investigation

Rapper Tyler, the Creator is under Australian police investigation after a series of clashes with feminist group Collective Shout during his club dates with Earl Sweatshirt.

Collective Shout lobbied to have the rapper’s visa revoked citing his misogynistic lyrics. At a Sydney show, the Odd Future frontman attacked the group’s Talitha Stone, referring to her as “a bitch … a fucking whore.”

The tirade was filmed by the 24-year old rape victim who reported the verbal abuse to police and wrote about in the Australian version of The Guardian.

Wrote Stone, “At his incitement of violence towards me, the crowd went wild, cheering and pumping their fists. The underaged fans – of which there were many – were groomed into mini ‘Tyler’ behaviour. Rape is funny.”

A politician had earlier also called for a ban, while police stopped an in-store appearance in Sydney’s George Street when thousands of fans tried to get in.