Sheeran’s Tennessee Home

Nashville has been collecting its share of music celebrities and its latest resident has an overseas pedigree.

Ed Sheeran said he became a Nashville resident in February, settling into a rural area on the outskirts of the city. Nashville is also home to Sheeran’s friend Taylor Swift, along with Jack WhiteThe Black Keys and Sheryl Crow.

Sheeran said he feels comfortable walking the streets in Nashville, where there are no paparazzi – a quality that appears to be one of the city’s many charms.

“I don’t think people really care in Nashville,” Sheeran said. “Even if they knew who you were, I don’t think they’d care. They’d just be like, ‘eh.’”

It’s also home to friendly folk.

Sheeran said he wanted to live somewhere that incorporates a lot of music, has a lot of countryside and a relaxed atmosphere and isn’t filled with rude people.

“And Nashville is full of very, very nice people,” he said.