Trommelen Repackages FortaRockXL

Mojo Concerts promoter Rob Trommelen has clearly put some strength into FortaRock XL, transforming it from an 8,000-capacity event in a small park in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, to hosting  46,500 fans in the city’s Goffertpark.

For five years, the event was run by the Korstanje family, which built and sold Fortapack, an industrial packaging business that made milk cartons for the major Dutch dairies.

By moving up to the Goffertpark, which Trommelen has previously used for Mojo’s Rockin Park and Arrow Rock festivals and the 2009 edition of Sonisphere, it was possible to put together a June 1 bill that included Rammstein, Volbeat, Motorhead, Opeth, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Hatebreed, Kreator, Airbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, and Heaven Shall Burn.

Trommelen told Pollstar that Pinkpop (June 14-16) is also on course to do well and Lowlands (Aug. 16-18) is already sold out.