Valentine Sues Go-Go’s Over Ouster

Bassist Kathy Valentine sued her former Go-Go’s bandmates in Los Angeles Superior Court May 31 saying they formed a new company in order to push her out of the band and dilute her share of revenues.

The new entity, GoGoCo Corp., was formed in breach of the band’s governance agreements, Valentine charges, in order to “license” the Go-Go’s brand and deprive her of her full stake in the band she co-founded more than 30 years ago.

The band’s other two businesses – Ladyhead LLC and Smith-Pocket Industries – were formed in the beginning with all five members each holding a 20 percent stake. Valentine contends the remaining four members formed GoGoCo and excluded her in order to absorb her share, thus increasing their own take, and keep her off the Go-Go’s 2013 tour.

According to the complaint, her earnings would go from a 20 percent share of all revenues to a 2 percent “stipend” for her efforts, with the difference being split between the four others.

The band embarked on a summer shed tour just days after the lawsuit was filed. The Go-Go’s reportedly announced Valentine’s exit citing “irreconcilable differences” March 8.

Valentine’s complaint suggests she’s willing to work out those irreconcilable differences, but the band didn’t respond to requests for a meeting. But if feuding players have kissed and made up in the past, that seems a lot less likely this time.

Valentine acknowledges problems arose when she briefly kept a “Twitter Memoir,” followed by about 1,000 fans, in which she openly described the band’s drug and alcohol use.

Despite fellow Go-Go Belinda Carlisle’s recent auto-bio, “Lips Unsealed” describing the same thing, Valentine was contacted by offended bandmates who objected. She says she deleted the Twitter account as an act of “good faith.”

The complaint also details past attempts by various band members to expel each other from the group over the years – yet it remained intact until Valentine’s March ouster.

Valentine seeks at least $1 million in damages, plus court and lawyer costs, and interest.