Hanson Does Europe

The brothers Hanson will spend December in Europe, playing places like Glasgow, London, Rome, Paris and other cities you’d like to visit if you didn’t have to stay home and work.  Ticket sales begin this weekend.

Touring North America through the summer, Hanson’s new album, Anthem, drops June 18 in the U.S. but will not land in Europe until July 1. For the video accompanying the band’s new single, “Get The Girl Back,” Hanson was joined by a couple of real-life actresses: Kat Dennings from the TV show “Two Broke Girls” and Nikki Reed who played Rosalie Hale in the “Twilight” series and Evie Zamora in “Thirteen,” the 2003 flick she co-wrote with Catherine Hardwicke.

Can you believe that, as a band Hanson has been making music for 21 years?  The brothers celebrated their musical anniversary earlier this year by launching their Mmmhops craft beer.

Here’s the European plan:

Dec. 3 – Glasgow, United Kingdom, ABC1
Dec. 5 – Manchester, United Kingdom, The Ritz
Dec. 6 – Cardiff, United Kingdom, Solus
Dec. 7 – Birmingham, United Kingdom, The Institute
Dec. 8 – London, United Kingdom, IndigO2
Dec. 10 – Tilburg, Netherlands, 013
Dec. 11 – Cologne, Germany, Luxor
Dec. 13 – Paris, France, Le Trabendo
Dec. 14 – Solothurn, Switzerland, Kofmehl Halle
Dec. 16 – Rome, Italy,  Atlantico
Dec. 17 – Milan, Italy, Magazzini Generali

Ticket sales begin June 15.  Visit Hanson.net for everything you need to know.