Movies Test ‘Mega Ticket’

The film industry is getting onboard the VIP ticket trend, and the pricing is definitely VIP.

Paramount and Regal Entertainment are introducing a $50 “mega ticket” in conjunction with the release of Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” that will allow mega fans to see the movie two days before it opens and download a digital copy of the movie when it’s released.

“Regal is pleased to offer this ultimate fan event at five locations in conjunction with our partners at Paramount Pictures,” Regal Entertainment Group’s Ken Thewes said in a statement. “The interest and anticipation for Brad Pitt’s latest thriller is at a fever pitch and this ‘World War Z Mega Ticket’ offers a unique experience for our patrons.”

The ticket package, which will be available at select theaters in Irvine, Calif., San Diego, Houston, Philadelphia and Atlanta, will also include popcorn, 3D glasses and a movie poster.