New Hall For St. Paul

The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul, Minn., is gearing up for growth following groundbreaking on a $79 million, 1,091-capacity concert hall.

The venue, which will replace the existing 306-seat McKnight Theatre  will feature a shoebox-style concert hall with no proscenium separation between the performance platform and the audience.

“The new Concert Hall will have a physical and acoustical intimacy that will provide a visceral and direct connection between the audience and the artists on stage,” architect Tim Carl said. “Warm materials articulate and shape a beautiful hall with an acoustic environment that will envelop the listener with warmth and resonance.”

Backstage amenities will include soloist and conductor dressing rooms, a practice room, changing rooms and a lounge.
Though the facility will be home to the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, it will also have rigging and wiring infrastructure in place for concerts and other events.

The hall is expected to open in March 2015.