Warner Intern Sues

A former intern for Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records filed a class-action suit claiming he was never paid for tasks he did around the office but should have been under New York labor laws.

According to court documents, Justin Henry alleges he often worked more than 40 hours per week during an unpaid internship that offered him no academic credit or on-the-job training.

His suit also charges that if he hadn’t been there working for free, Warner and Atlantic would have needed to hire employees to fill his place. Henry is currently the only plaintiff in the case.

Though unpaid internships have become commonplace in many industries, a number of interns have in recent years fired back against the practice.

A federal judge recently ruled that two interns for the 2010 film “Black Swan” should have been paid because they performed the same work as employees and didn’t require any specialized instruction to complete their tasks.