McCreery Sued By Ex-Manager

Scotty McCreery is being sued by his former manager who claims he is owed money for services rendered.

Todd Cassetty of Cassetty Entertainment claims McCreery has failed to compensate him for the five months they worked together. McCreery joined Cassetty Entertainment in October after leaving XIX Entertainment, the management company traditionally associated with “American Idol” finalists. The relationship ended in April.

Photo: Scott Knutson / Inside Out Studios
Mystic Showroom, Prior Lake, Minn.

According to the lawsuit, Cassetty was “strung along for months” as McCreery failed to sign on the dotted line. The 19-year-old McCreery was to pay Cassetty 15 percent of income, but mom Judy McCreery stepped in and suggested a 2 percent commission, according to the lawsuit.  It was Judy who said in an October email that the management deal was “unofficially official,” according to the suit.

Well-known entertainment lawyer Donald Passman, representing McCreery, declined to comment on the case to the Nashville Post. However, the singer released the following statement:

“There is no truth to these allegations. I have offered to pay Todd more than once, but he wanted an unreasonable amount for only five months of work. Anyone who knows me knows how I conduct myself, so I am not worried they will believe any of this. This is just an attempt to embarrass me and my family. The facts will come out when we have our day in court.”