Heavy Metal Hiccups

Bangalore Open Air 2013 was promoted as India’s biggest heavy metal event ever, and the organizers called the July 6 event a huge success.

Photo: Scott Legato / RockStarProPhotography.com
Murat Egyptian Room, Indianapolis, Ind.

Among the acts performing were Swedish metal band Dark Tranquillity, Norway’s Ihsahn and prog metal band Leprous, American instrumental metal group Animals, and several others.

However, when the organizers checked their accounts later they discovered that some 600 concertgoers had gotten in with fake tickets.

Apparently, someone had made copies of actual tickets and gift vouchers for the event. Each ticket was priced at 2,249 rupees, or about $40.

As a result, the event has lost money, even though originally the organizers thought the opposite due to the turnout. Salman Syed, a representative of the organizer, told the Deccan Chronicle “the font was different on the fake tickets.” After investigating the matter, they discovered that those who had used the counterfeit tickets to get in paid 1,000 rupees each for them. Police are looking into the matter.