Kanrocksas Gets Litigious

 A promoter near Kansas City, Kan., has filed suit against the co-founder of the troubled Kanrocksas music festival claiming a late cancellation of this year’s event destroyed the company’s reputation in the industry.

Bill Brandmeyer and his MMF company enlisted Mammoth to book talent and help produce the festival, which had lost a “significant” amount of money its first year on a lineup booked by Mammoth featuring EminemMuseThe Black Keys, and The Flaming Lips at the  in 2011.

The fest skipped 2012.

According to court documents, Mammoth alleges it signed on for 2013 after meeting with Brandmeyer to discuss risks associated with getting the festival off the ground and agreeing Mammoth would take “zero risk” in booking the fest.

Brandmeyer and his associates would “be responsible for all musical artist fees and would stand behind the musical artist agreements,” the suit says, and Brandmeyer “represented and affirmed that he knew there would be a financial loss in the festival, and reiterated that his dad had ‘signed off’ on paying festival losses.”

Booking got under way with artists including Kendrick LamarTiestoThe Avett BrothersPassion PitT-Pain and  slotted to play the June 28-29 festival.

In the months leading up to the show, the venue reported weak ticket sales and urged Brandmeyer to cancel the fest, but he allegedly confirmed he had the money to meet his obligations and vowed Kanrocksas would go on.

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend however, and Brandmeyer changed his tune. Mammoth was informed the fest was being canceled, leaving the promoter with no time “to do anything to salvage the festival or its relationships,” the suit says.

Though Mammoth sought assurances Brandmeyer would honor the artist agreements, he refused, leaving the promoter to face “an onslaught” from the industry after the cancellation was announced.

Additionally, MMF and Brandmeyer notified multiple artists they would not be paid anything, claiming “nothing was payable because the musical artists did not place a signature on written agreements even though Mr. Brandmeyer had signed them.”

Mammoth, which claims it’s been exposed to “industry or public hatred, contempt or ridicule,” is seeking damages in excess of $75,000, payment to all artists and vendors, costs and attorney fees.