Guetta’s Odd Case Of Chorophobia

The oddest story of the week must be the spoof article about DJ David Guetta being forced to flee a Paris stage because he hit the play button on the wrong pre-recorded track. 

Photo: John Davisson
Ultra Music Festival, Bayfront Park, Miami, Fla.

Instead of hearing one of Guetta’s usual pop-house hits, the story said the crowd got his personal self-help CD that had been prescribed as a treatment for his chorophobia – or the irrational fear of dancing.

The story about “a recent show in Paris” has been doing the rounds of dance music Internet sites, although some have doubted that there’s any truth in it. In fact, many have since printed apologies for running the “story” as fact after learning it was bogus. 

Shortly after the “news” started making the rounds, Guetta defended himself, blaming the bogus story on “haters” trying to bump him down on a popular DJ magazine poll.

“I wonder why each year at the moment of the dj mag vote, there is always a fake story on me playing a pre recorded set. is it by accident?” 

Guetta’s chorophobia was said to have developed in childhood following a “dancing accident” at a school talent show that left the performer “acutely embarrassed” and a “confirmed bed wetter.”

The spoof article continued to note that that ordinarily he “doesn’t even look at the crowd.”

“I’ll just twiddle some knobs on the mixing desk thingy,” Guetta supposedly says. “When I do have to look up to the crowd I’ll close my eyes as if enjoying myself, or I’ll let my golden locks dangle in front of my eyes so I don’t see people dancing.”

Most research and reference sites have “chorophobia” as the fear of having to dance, making no mention of any fear of having to watch others dance.

The link provided in most of the online stories – which should show Guetta’s sharp exit at the Paris gig – goes to a blank page. Guetta did perform in Paris June 30, though.