Sofia Rocked By Balkan Crisis

Sofia Rocks fell 5,000 people short of breaking even, although promoter David Lieberberg felt it was “not bad under the circumstances.”

Photo: Courtesy Sofia Rocks

There were 15,000 people at Sofia’s 50,000-capacity Vasil Levski National Stadium July 26, while Lieberberg and co-promoter Petar Petrov were wanting more than 20,000.

Last year’s Sofia Rocks, a two-dayer at the same venue, also ended up about 5,000 short of target.

“The average wage in Bulgaria is between euro 350 ($464) and euro 400 ($530) and people think very carefully about spending 20 percent of it on a festival ticket,” Lieberberg told Pollstar. “When people are spending so much of their money on one item, they start to make some very careful choices.

“The acts must learn that they cannot charge the same fees in the Balkans as they are charging in other parts of Europe,” he added.

The acts helping Sofia Rocks struggle through hard times included RammsteinBullet For My Valentine, and Enslaved.